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UMLand Seri Austin in the New Norm

Social distancing practised at its construction site

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We’ve now reached the final month of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), and UMLand Seri Austin has already opened its gallery and construction site in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place. The move is expected to stimulate and boost the economy especially in the property industry.

In line with that, Seri Austin has welcomed the government’s decision to allow construction sites to resume operations albeit with precautions. Both, developer and contractors are responsible for ensuring the implementation of and compliance with post COVID-19 rules and other applicable requirements issued by the government. Therefore, priority is given for tool sanitisation, hand-washing stations and mandatory face coverings as well as social distancing between the site workers, contractors and other employees.

“After a period of time where billions of people have endured quarantine and limited social interaction, we believe it is time to hit the restart button. Although the pandemic has reshaped industries and the market, apart from empowering employees to be responsible for overall health and welfare of the work environment whether in an office or construction site, our top priority next would be to generate adequate liquidity to manage business operations and cash flows”, said KK Wong, Group Director of UMLand Townships cum CEO of Seri Austin.

“We have made adequate preparations to maintain our commercial discipline in order to keep our heads above water. Once the economy revives, we will be better placed to find new opportunities and quickly recover while less-capable competitors flounder,” continued Wong.

Construction is already a well-regulated industry and now UMLand Seri Austin will put in place more measures to curb the spread of the pandemic while ensuring development can still be completed on time.

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