Taste Regional Asian Flavours at Amari Hotel Johor Bahru

‘Gurindam Asia’ fasting month buffet offers an array of attractive dishes from all over the region

Johor Biryani in a huge serving is calling out to you

Finding the perfect buffet to match you and your entourage can be daunting in the month of fasting, much like finding the perfect song to play at any important celebrations. That is how Amari Hotel Johor Bahru’s Amaya Food Gallery came up with their Gurindam Asia-themed buffet for the upcoming fasting season.

Amari shared that, “Similar to the harmonious melody of music, we are putting the harmony of taste into our Gurindam Asia buffet this year – like no other.” This is proven with trails of food at every counter and isles of the spacious restaurant during the buffet preview for the media.

Beautifully prepared, ready to become the best ‘Gearbox Soup’

I was seated near the tastefully decorated live-cooking station of Thai Boat Noodle, Mango Sticky rice and Som Tam corner, so those were the first thing that my friend and I took and they were easily our favourites. The deep-flavoured, hot soup in the boat noodle was a complete delight to our senses. Although the Mango Sticky Rice is better known as a dessert, the perfectly cooked glutinous rice and ripe mangoes turned out to be a perfect blend with the sour Som Tam salad!

Freshly-blanched boat noodle in a rich, beef broth soup is going to elevate your tastebuds

Just beside the Thai corner is the aromatic Briyani cooked in Johor’s very own favourite recipe that pairs tremendously well with slices of freshly Roasted Lamb that gave me the ultimate experience of party in the mouth.

Pick your choice of dips and gravies for your Naan, Chapati or Murtabak

The party just started for me as I grabbed some Naans and Murtabak with Creamy Dhal and Chicken Curry, while my friend giddily dug into his plate of fragrant white rice paired with Terengganu Gulai Kawah, and Negeri Sembilan’s spicy Masak Minang Gulai Daging Salai.

Traditional Ondeh-Ondeh with a twist – taste the bursting flavours of cheese mixed with melting Gula Melaka only at Amaya Food Gallery

After having a variety of appetisers and mains, I wanted to check out the softserve ice cream coming out straight from the machine itself which were so popular with the crowd. I then tried out the Cheese and Gula Melaka-filled Onde-Ondeh, and assorted cakes to conclude my buffet experience.

Want to dig your fingers into what I’ve had? The Gurindam Asia buffet dinner is available from 24th March to 20th April 2023.

Prices are set at RM178 per adult, RM158 for senior citizen and RM88 per child. Purchase 5 and get free 1 pax before 15th March 2023.

Booking and inquiries may be channelled through Amari’s WhatsApp at http://wa.link/gurindamasiaamari