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Synergising PR Efforts towards IR 4.0

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IPRM launched the Johor Chapter and held forum on public relations to synergise efforts in creating awareness on the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution

In response to the recent backlash in various mediums of mass media or even certain governmental public relations units, the majority are facing monumental problems when it comes to conveying the message to the public, causing misinterpretation and misinformation.

“Good or bad publicity is still publicity”, some PR practitioners might say. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is always best to get the right message across, if possible, the whole truth. This is evident in most factual present cases such as the rapid developments and movement towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

What the industry players want to know and benefit from IR 4.0 rests solely on the proper dissemination of information throughout the process. Nowadays, minute mistakes or setbacks can cause the “butterfly effect” to work its mysterious way and cause economic catastrophes as well as business failures.

The Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM) had held a forum on public relations to address IR 4.0 and how to synergise efforts in enlightening the populous on the impending fourth wave. The sluggish impressions and engagements in regard to IR 4.0 shows how poor the PR work was executed, which in a way, is worrying.

The forum encouraged input about the changes in operating landscape of the PR practitioners from all sectors – government, GLCs, corporations, NGOs, academia, media, as well as influencers.

“Malaysia’s failure to respond adequately to the challenges and opportunities presented by IR 4.0 will erode the country’s ambition to join the ranks of the developed countries and also impact its competitiveness among its immediate neighbours,” concluded Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, Chairman of the Johor State Consumerism, Human Resource and Unity Committee, in his keynote speech.

The launch of IPRM Johor Chapter was also commenced during the forum where Pro-Tem President, Dr. Sankaran Ramanathan was given the mandate by IPRM National Chairman, Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman to spearhead the realignment of the PR industry in the southern region.

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