“Supply of Chicken in Johor Sufficient” – Johor KPDNHEP

Assuring consumers that the situation of supply and demand is being monitored closely with price in check

Two men looking at pre-packed cut chicken pieces sold in local supermarket - file pix

The quantity of chicken in the state is sufficient; however, the quality varies in some areas, according to Mohd Hairul Anuar Bohro, the director of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s Johor branch.

He said the situation was being closely monitored and that complaints about the rise in chicken prices were being addressed.

“As of today, we have received 33 complaints on increase in prices and supply of chicken and they have been investigated for action to be taken under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act (AKHAP) 2011,” he said in a statement.

Since 5th February, when the Maximum Price Control Scheme on chicken and eggs was enacted, KPDNHEP Johor has undertaken 4,487 inspections, with 4,321 checks at the retail level and the rest at the wholesaler and producer level, according to Mohd Hairul Anuar. “Under AKHAP 2011, a total of 121 incidents involving RM 101,300 in compounds were reported,” he stated.

He said that inspections have been stepped up, with enforcement officers stationed at key sites, including wet markets, farmers’ markets, and stores selling poultry.