Some Positives to Celebrate Despite the Pandemic

Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau unveils double sets of twins through the IVF method

2nd Delivery of the fraternal twins

Columbia Asia Hospital–Tebrau unveiled their first double sets of newborn twins this Raya month. It was extra special for 2 couples when they experienced as parents for the first time to welcome a new member of the family despite of the country’s nationwide lockdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The babies were born after 6 years of waiting time for Geraldine Anne David, 32 and Jaya Kothandapani A/L Sik Baluraj, 33, a business owner. They went thru IVF treatment for many years and their wish finally came through when they were blessed with identical twin boys through C-section by Dr. Sureshkumar Subramaniam, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The first healthy boy was born at 10.32am, followed by a second adorable boy at 10.33am weighing 2.49kg and 2.39kg respectively.

After 36 hours later, the hospital welcomed the 2nd pair of twins. The fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, were born healthy to parents Wong Jia Wen, 30 who work as a clerk and Choy Chee Puh, 35 who works in Singapore. They too have been looking forward to this day for many years.

The couple said they have been planning for 5 years through IVF treatments to happen and they felt extremely excited when they knew they were expecting a new addition to the family. IVF is beyond your control, but God has certainly grated their wishes.

The newborn twins, a baby boy weighing 2.07kg and baby girl weighing 2.0kg were delivered by the hospital visiting consultant, Dr. Tan Jui Seng, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecology through C-section as well.

The parents felt happy and blessed with healthy and adorable babies and most importantly a safe delivery under the good hands of these two Obstetrician & Gynecologist Specialists, midwives, nurses including Dr. Farzana Mohd Yusof who is the Consultant Pediatrician. All the families were presented with a celebratory hamper by Regional General Manager, Rahani Yaacob.

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