Singapore Approves The Direct Ferry Between Singapore-Desaru

The terminal was launched back on 31st March by the Sultan of Johor

Desaru Coast Ferry Terminal (DCFT) aerial view-Image credits Royal Press Office

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has approved a direct ferry service between Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) in Singapore and Desaru Coast Ferry Terminal (DCFT) in Johor.

According to MPA, on 23rd March 2022, it received a proposal from Batamfast, Desaru Link Ferry Services’ appointed ferry services provider, to operate a new ferry service between the terminals.

MPA said it had ordered Batamfast to complete a maritime safety evaluation, including an attestation by certifying authorities that the ferries were fit for the proposed voyage, to assess the navigational safety of the new ferry route.

A route-specific emergency response strategy was also requested.

“BatamFast has since submitted the required details.

“MPA has reviewed the submission and assessed that Batamfast had met the safety requirements for the proposed service,” MPA said in a statement.

The MPA also stated that it had notified Batamfast, the Johor Port Authority, and the Malaysian Marine Department that it had approved Batamfast’s application to operate the proposed ferry service.

In addition to the proposed direct route between TMFT and DCFT, MPA stated that it had authorised Batamfast’s application for an alternative route between TMFT and Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal to be utilised in the event of bad weather or rough sea conditions.

“The commencement of the new ferry service is pending Batamfast’s final preparations to operate this new ferry service, including obtaining the necessary approvals from other authorities,” it said, concluding the statement.