School Uniform Is Not Compulsory – MOE

Amid MCO, the school uniform regulation is loosened - only for a period of time

School Uniform Is Not Compulsory
Malaysia public primary school uniforms local advertisement - image courtesy of Well Uniform Facebook page

The Ministry of Education has released an official statement on 24th February that students are permitted to wear any decent and suitable clothing until the students have obtained the appropriate uniforms when schools reopen on 1st March 2021. The statement was given after receiving concerns from parents on obtaining uniforms.

While indicating firmly that school attending students must wear school uniforms after a stipulated time. The ministry has taken into account of the current situation that some students might not have their uniforms ready yet as a result of MCO.

Students who do not have uniforms ready are given a month to obtain them when schools reopen and are permitted to wear any suitable clothes to school from 1st March to the 26th, which is when the mid-term school holidays commence.

It was hoped that this would inspire students to return to school for face-to-face lessons, the ministry said.

Classes are expected to resume on 4th or 5th April, for secondary school students depending on the states.