Regency Specialist Hospital Leads the Charge for Workplace Safety with Majlis Bandaraya Pasir Gudang

The inaugural seminar addressed crucial challenges and issues

(From left) Regency Specialist Hospital CEO Serena Yong, MBPG Secretary Mohd Hafiz Bin Aliman and DOSH Chief Assistant Director Siti Zaleha A Rahim launching the Pasir Gudang Occupational Safety & Health Seminar 2023

In a resounding demonstration of commitment to workplace safety and employee well-being, Regency Specialist Hospital (Regency) took centre stage at the Pasir Gudang Occupational Safety & Health Seminar 2023. The Pasir Gudang City Council (MBPG) and Regency collaborated on this inaugural event, which was supported by the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

This conference brought together a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and experience to address crucial challenges in workplace safety and health with the involvement of over 100 senior representatives from over 60 corporate organisations. The conference also acknowledges the critical function that healthcare organisations, particularly those that offer complete occupational health services, have in safeguarding workplace safety.

Mohd Hafiz Bin Aliman, MBPG Secretary, who officiated the event, underscored the critical importance of such collaborations in creating safer and healthier work environments. He stated, “Initiatives like this seminar exemplify the collaborative spirit required to prioritise employee safety and health in our industrial community. Regency’s dedication sets a shining example for all.”

Regency Specialist Hospital CEO Serena Yong giving a speech during the seminar

Serena Yong, Regency’s Chief Executive Officer, voiced her pride in the hospital’s vital role during the seminar. She pointed out, “Regency is profoundly honoured to be at the forefront of advocating for workplace safety. Our belief in the transformative power of occupational health services is unwavering. We are committed to offering comprehensive healthcare solutions that extend beyond treatment, proactively safeguarding our community.”

Throughout the course of the day, eminent speakers highlighted the crucial part that occupational health services play in fostering a well-being culture in the workplace. Regency, a leader in this area, gave striking examples of how healthcare organisations may spur transformation.

The seminar featured enlightening talks on various critical topics including; Introduction to DOSH & Basics of Occupational Safety and Health by Siti Zaleha A Rahim, Chief Assistant Director, DOSH. She provided a comprehensive introduction to the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and elucidated the fundamental principles of occupational safety and health. Her talk was a crucial foundation for understanding the importance of workplace safety.

Meanwhile, Naziliwati Rezali, Senior Executive Officer, SOCSO shed light on the tangible benefits that accrue to both employers and employees who contribute to SOCSO.

From Regency, Dr Albert Lee, Psychiatrist delved into the intricate relationship between work and mental health. His talk highlighted the critical need to address mental health issues in the workplace, fostering a holistic approach to employee well-being.

Finally, Dr Gautham Ruhi Raj Nagarajan, Occupational Safety & Health Screening Consultant at Regency explored the topic of Ergonomic Musculoskeletal Disorders. His insights provided valuable guidance on preventing workplace injuries related to ergonomics, enhancing the physical well-being of employees.

The seminar was a testament to the growing interest and public awareness surrounding workplace safety. Industrial companies gained useful insights on how to improve safety procedures, safeguard their employees, and ultimately boost productivity.