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PTP to Embrace More Foreign Investors

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Port of Tanjung Pelepas to work closely with state government for the development of port and maritime industry in Johor

In the efforts to enhance the development and sustainable growth of port and maritime industries in the state, Port of Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (PTP) has pledged to continue working closely with the Johor state government.

The statement was made during the working visit by Mohd Solihan bin Badri, Johor state Public Works, Infrastructure and Transportation Committee Chairman to PTP.

PTP, a member of MMC Group plans to expand its Free Trade Zone (FTZ) to double its size, adding approximately 350 acres more of land for developments, to entice both foreign and domestic investors, as well as existing and new investments.

Apart from that, PTP is also planning on the expansion of its berthing terminals to accommodate the forecasted increase in traffic that will be coming in to the port.

Details of the expansion have not been finalised. However, the comprehensive expansion and development plans will come with significant sustainable elements that will definitely bear fruit in the end.

PTP to Embrace More Foreign Investors
Mohd Solihin applauded the efforts of PTP in keeping the Johor port and maritime industries competitive

Marco Neelsen, PTP’s CEO mentioned that the pace of change in the port industry has been unprecedented in the past couple of years due to shipping mergers and acquisitions, global economic uncertainty, as well as the fast pace technological advancements.

“PTP in its quest to remain competitive and in search of higher efficiency and productivity has been undertaking some progressive development work. All this is in line with our aspiration to become an advanced preferred port in the region,” he added.

Speaking to the media, Mohd Solihan commented that the Johor government acknowledges the achievements and contributions that PTP has made over the years in strengthening the port and maritime industry in the state.

“The tremendous growth of port and maritime activities in Johor over the years underlines the value of the maritime sector to its economic well-being and the importance of trade economy to the state. As such, it is crucial for PTP to work closely with the state government to ensure the development and growth of the port in an increasingly competitive global market. When the port is expanded, we will also be developing our logistics industry which will contribute to Johor’s economic growth,” he said.

Mohd Solihan also commented on the opportunities that come along with the expansion, “Currently, our free trade zone comprises of 350 acres with 41 companies and warehouses, which has created about 10,000 jobs.”

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