PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE, The Latest Supergroup to Debut from LDH JAPAN

Releases their debut album, ‘P.C.F.’

PSYCHIC FEVER is the latest supergroup to debut from Japan’s supergroup artist management & entertainment company, LDH JAPAN.
Their debut album, ‘P.C.F.’ was released on 13th July, alongside the band debuting as ‘PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE’ on the same day, joining the ranks with other Jr. EXILE supergroups such as GENERATIONS, THE RAMPAGE, FANTASTICS and BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE.
The album, ‘P.C.F.’ is a self-titled abbreviation of the group name. The focus single,  ‘Choose One’, is a sensitive blend of hip-hop, melodic hardcore, and punk, combined together into an energetic track with West Coast vibes, and just released.
Other singles in ‘P.C.F.’ includes previously released tracks before the band’s debut such as ‘Hotline’, ‘Best for You’, ‘Tokyo Spiral’ and ‘Snow Candy’. The album also includes new singles, ‘Bitter Sweet’, a sweet JPOP style topline with R&B flair on top of a hard beat and bassline, adding a new layer of allure. ‘Spark It Up’, is a single that is infused with the band’s strong desire to reach further than Japan and become global artists.
Formed in the midst of the COVID pandemic, PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE has always had a ‘social media first approach’. The group’s music is made up of melodious, surefire hits suitable for the streaming era. This approach has already garnered the attention of overseas fans from the US, UK, as well as Southeast Asia, even before the band debuted.
By honing their skills at LDH, and training by supporting other LDH artists on tour, these 7 vocalists have created a fresh, unprecedented flow. The group has toured over the 47 prefectures across Japan in the “Mushashugyo” training tour which attracted a total of 40,000 people. They served as opening acts touring with their seniors in J SOUL BROTHERS III and ØMI (Hiroomi Tosaka from J SOUL BROTHERS III), and have performed as part of the annual “BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ ENTER THE Jr. EXILE” with other Jr. EXILE groups.
The band will also be joining BALLISTIK BOYZ in Thailand, moving all activities there from August 2022 to January 2023.