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Post-Lockdown Retreat and Safe Haven with Minor Hotels #BeyondHorizons

Anantara Desaru Coast & Villas is ready to host your release from the fatigue of four walls with enhanced safety measures

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As we’re in the final phase of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) with local tourism as one of the priorities, Minor Hotels – the group with award winning hotel brands in the world and also the home to Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas, is positive that people are slowly travelling again and having their holidays at a domestic level albeit the pandemic scare still lingering.

Mark Thomson, Senior Director of Public Relations and Communications at Minor Hotels, expects the tourism industry to go back to pre-COVID-19 state within 12 to 18 months seeing the shift that staycations and road trips are now the rage.

Post-Lockdown Retreat and Safe Haven with Minor Hotels #BeyondHorizons
Private jet tailored to your needs and destinations with Anantara Mjets Experience

While Minor Hotels keep the masses reminded of their exquisite stays through live broadcast, aspirational travel photos, and videos that shows its premises and their wellness gurus and instructors ready to welcome guests again, viewers felt like they were already travelling despite at home during the quarantine period under ‘#AnantaraEscapism and Hello from Avani.’ Minor Hotels are also ready and prepared for people to travel again when holidays abroad are given a green light from the government or when travellers feel comfortable to do so whether going locally or overseas.

Weary yet wary guests would be assured by Minor Hotels’ #StayWithPeaceOfMind and Avani Shield’s policy where they put safety first with enhanced guidelines of health and hygiene measures for guests’ wellbeing as advised and monitored by experts like WHO, Ecolab and Diversey. Expect sanitised limousine, transfers, and use of EPA approved disinfectants; the latest HVAC technology.

Post-Lockdown Retreat and Safe Haven with Minor Hotels #BeyondHorizons
Road trips vacation and staycation is the current trend in South East Asia according to Minor Hotels’ research findings

You’d be also pleased to know that in line of sustainability, Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas will be serving Minor Hotels’ Beyond Horizons’ experience that truly offers a holistic approach and conservation where guests may have their meals made up of ingredients that are freshly picked from the farms and gardens in the resort or supplied from local farms. Sustainability tourism is part of their social responsibility to make an ongoing difference.

The name Anantara denotes luxury, so be on the lookout for Anantara MJets Experience, offering tailor-made private jet experience and make that travel in between two locations like Singapore to Desaru Coast possible. Get updated about Anantara Desaru Coast Resort &Villas at their Facebook page or official website – www.anantara.com/en/desaru-coast.

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