Ponderosa Golf & Country Club Let’s Bond Weekend 2.0


‘Back to Basic’ gets the family playing nostalgic games together

Ponderosa Golf & Country Club is organising a family bonding programme namely ‘Let’s Bond Weekend 2.0’, with the theme of ‘Back to Basic’ that will run from 12 – 13th July 2019 with a fee of RM70 for family of 3 persons to join on both days. The package includes free entrance for their Night Run that takes place at their golf course happening on Saturday, 13th July 2019.

“The fee charged is already heavily-subsidised by Ponderosa as we want to play a part to bring the family unit together. We realised that due to the presence of electronic gadgets, and busy separate schedules of parents and their kids, families are having scarcer time to bond together,” said Tan Kai Yang, Ponderosa Golf & Country Club’s General Manager.

The theme ‘Back to Basic’ refers to bringing the family to play games synonymous to kampung days’ playtime such as Top Spinning or Gasing, Congkak, Tarik Upih and Coconut Bowling as well as Snakes & Ladders and many more.

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At the same time, the Young Engineers workshop programme on the side, will give an opportunity for both parents and children to build every day and usable items together where it requires the need to strategise and work as a team.

The Let’s Bond Weekend is open to the public and designed as a series of 2 or 3 days’ programme held during weekend or school holidays, using natural environment with ready resources and facilities of Ponderosa as a resort.

It also includes their one-of-a-kind Night Run which would be held on Ponderosa’s golf course where finisher medals will be awarded to all participants.

Take some time off and join in the fun with your family and give a call to Ponderosa’s Sports Centre at 016-7027 852 or Jamie at 017-7775 777; or email at enquiry@ponderosagolf.com