Notice of Road Closures in Johor Bahru City

Check which routes are closed and what the suggested alternatives routes are

Closure notice by Safwa Global Venture-M Sdn Bhd on their Facebook page, shared by the official Johor Bahru City Council’s (MBJB) page

Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) has recently shared a notice of closure from Safwa Global Venture-M Sdn Bhd’s Facebook page about road closures in downtown Johor Bahru starting from the 25th of July to the 7th of August 2022.

The company will carry out integrated road maintenance work at the intersection of Jalan Gereja – Jalan Trus, and lane closures will be done to ensure the flow of traffic runs smoothly.

“To avoid congestion, users are advised to take alternate routes as suggested,” it said in the notice.

Notice of Road Closures in Johor Bahru City
Alternative routes

“The general public is urged to follow safety instructions and to stay informed on a regular basis.”

“Any queries should be directed to Ammar Faiz at +6013-713 6076.”

The statement concludes with the Malay proverb “All temporary difficulties are for future convenience.”