No Ramadan Bazaar

No Ramadan Bazaar

HM The Sultan of Johor today (2 Apr) urged all concerned not to hold the Ramadan Bazaar during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every day new cases are being detected. Now is not the time to hold any event involving mass gatherings. The complete effect of the movement control order must be achieved first. This must be our priority and concern. The Ramadan Bazaar can wait,” he said in a statement to the Royal Press Office.

His Majesty said the rakyat must be patient, stay at home and avoid any contact with others until the Health authorities have given the all clear sign.

“If we don’t follow and ignore the movement control order, the virus will spread and further strain the resources of our healthcare system, putting our healthcare workers and other frontliners at even greater risk. If we reach breaking point then we will all be helpless,” His Majesty warned.

Tuanku Sultan said the aftermath of such a likelihood would have disastrous consequences on all strata of society and the country as a whole.

“Don’t take advantage of the situation and hold any mass gatherings. There should be no excuses. Everybody must play their part to contain and fight the spread of this deadly disease. The faster we all cooperate, the sooner we can return to normalcy,” he stressed.

His Majesty also said now is the time for all to unite and help the government combat the COVID-19 pandemic. “Forget about politics, please… let us work together to save our country from this crisis,” he said.

*Statement issued by Royal Press Office