New Normal: Looking Forward to the Next Step in Evolution

People are being forced to adopt and adapt to new daily processes


Over the millennia, we have seen the resilience of the human race throughout history experiencing and overcoming the most turbulent of times. Whether the threat is from natural disasters, political turmoil, or even plagues and diseases than can creep up to pandemic proportions.

Every hardship is met with either victory or demise by some creative or innovative design or discovery that overcomes the impending obstacles but not without bearing battle-scars.  Every time we humans come out on the other side; the brighter side of course, we seem to assimilate well to the new environment and surroundings. This transition, although not always smooth, tends to stick as the new normal and therefore, becomes everyday life – business as usual.

Do we attribute the outcomes to our own perseverance or just plain survival? We have “evolved” more in the past century compared to the long history of human existence. From going through revolution after revolution, and transforming a nomadic lifestyle to metropolis of critical mass, we’ve done it. Research and development plays a significant role in our survival, as do trial and error. We try new things, fine tune it, test it out again, and then roll out the next version or update to our processes and technologies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that time and time again, actions of a few can significantly affect the many, whether for the good or bad. Similarly, we have been able to find ways to maintain communication via digital platforms, keep up-to-date with daily news and reports from the news and community chat groups, and even changing work and home routines to become a new hybrid lifestyle.

The same applies to other things in life such as education, F&B, agriculture, retail, and many other human inventions. We always find a way to shorten the way, lessen the burden, and cut costs, while improving efficiency and effectiveness.

We can see teachers conducting online classes, personal trainers prepping for a live video training session, virtual meetings, as well as a rise in digital retail sales. However, we still do miss actual physical interaction. It won’t be long until we can go back to that normal that we were used to, but at the moment, this is the new normal we are “forced” to adopt and perhaps might be thing to do, moving forward.

What does this all mean for us? Will we win? It is the human will power that will come up with solutions and maybe even the problem in the first place. Nevertheless, we will always find a way to move along the lines and adapt to changes.