NADMA COVID-19 Special Assistance: 5 Things You Ought to Know on its Eligibility

There are individuals and families affected by the pandemic that are yet to apply for help, are you one of them?

NADMA’s Director-general Datuk Aminuddin Hassim (front, middle, in beige shirt) during NADMA visit at PKRC Pasir Gudang with Ihsan Johor

Applicants for COVID-19 Death Management Special Assistance (BKPC) by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) are advised not to make repeated applications to avoid delays in the approval process.

The one-off RM5,000 special assistance was introduced by the government to lessen the burden of Malaysians who lost their source of income or their loved ones due to the virus.

NADMA’s Director-general Datuk Aminuddin Hassim said the department received around 300 applications a day and needs due diligence before making any decision on whether to accept or reject the application.

Here are 5 things to know:

Who is Eligible?

The COVID-19 Special Assistance is also available for individuals who lost their income during the quarantine period as well as COVID-19 Death Management Special Assistance to the beneficiaries.

“The special assistance is only for Malaysian citizens. Therefore, I call on those who have not applied to do so,” he told during a virtual press conference.

Death Management and One Individual per Application Only

“In some instances, there is more than one claim from a family, for example, the deceased had two or three wives. So collectively they have to agree on whom will apply. There are situations where the children of the deceased making several applications on behalf of different applicants for one deceased. This has caused us to take so long to process the application forms,” ​​said Aminuddin.

Turn in Complete and Clear Form to Avoid Delay

In addition to ensuring that the application form is complete, the applicant must also ensure that the quality of all attached documents is clear.

“NADMA will submit the special assistance payment within 30 working days from the date of receipt of complete application documents,” he said.

Thus, the applicant can check the approval status after 14 working days from the date the complete application is received by NADMA.

Applied But No Reply?

As of 31st August 2021, NADMA has approved a total of 16,722 COVID-19 NADMA Special Assistance applications involving funds amounting to RM22,227,700.

Meanwhile, 3,235 applications for COVID-19 NADMA Special Assistance for Death Management were approved with an allocation of RM16,175,000.

Aminuddin cited the delay in processing the application to a number of factors, including deaths occurring outside government facilities, inactive bank accounts, and the necessity to re-examine submissions from those who were not qualified for assistance.

Application and Contacting NADMA on Delay

More information and application can be made by browsing through NADMA’s website at or here as an alternative