MYRNE Reveals First Single ‘What Can I Do?’

His first single under Astralwerks and Universal Music Singapore


Astralwerks, the #1 US dance music label, has joined forces with Universal Music Singapore on a strategic signing of the #1 Singaporean DJ and producer MYRNE, enlisting another electronic music superstar from the Asia region to its roster since the launch of Astralwerks Asia in 2019.

Since 2015, MYRNE has merged the euphoric elements of pop, electronica and house music into something uniquely resonant. His brand of dance music has been effortlessly universal and deeply personal, bringing him to dance festivals and like-minded collaborators around the world. Under Astralwerks, MYRNE will release his first single, ‘What Can I Do?’, on the 11th of February, a dazzling electro-pop number that marks an exciting new chapter for the musician.

The past two years have pushed countless artists to hunker down and rethink their approach to their craft. For MYRNE, it was a challenge that lingered with the producer as he began feeling haunted by his past work, along with a distant future that seemed difficult to discern. ‘What Can I Do?’ was born out of this formidable period – a spirited reminder that the harshest moments of hopelessness don’t always last.

‘What Can I Do?’ was conceived out of fun experiments with foley recordings. It was an attempt to find clarity out of the noise, and it required him to go back to the basics. “Most of my inspiration comes from everyday life. Nestled in these songs are sounds that keep the world and myself moving,” MYRNE illustrates. What was first a “messy wall of sound” turned into MYRNE’s first big step into the future.

“I know it’s been a while, but I couldn’t be more grateful to be back,” MYRNE says. “I was really scared of making music for a long time, out of fear of mediocrity and never surpassing my past work. But since then I’ve erased everything I know, and I’ve fallen in love with the process again – just singing and dancing to 8 bar loops for days. ‘What Can I Do?’ was the first song I wrote out of that.”

‘What Can I Do?’ opens a new world of possibilities in MYRNE’s artistry. It’s one big step towards a brand new EP, which the producer is currently working on for his first major Astralwerks release. “I’m also really happy to start my journey with Astralwerks and Universal Music Singapore for all my new music,” he says. “I have been – and still am – a huge fan of every single artist on the label, and I’m glad to have found a home that appreciates the intricacies of electronic music the same way I do.”

MYRNE’s addition to the Astralwerks roster continues the label’s efforts to empower the region’s most promising names in dance music. “I am a huge fan of MYRNE’s music. With his curiosity and persistence over the years, at this conjunction, MYRNE has developed a sound that is unique yet inviting, enabling him to reach a wide audience across the globe. Backed up by two of our market-leading labels in the US and Singapore, we’re beyond excited to have the opportunity to support MYRNE in his new chapter,” says Cindy Gu, Head of Astralwerks.

These sentiments are echoed by Toby Andrews, President of Astralwerks Records: “We’re so excited to welcome MYRNE to the Astralwerks global family. Together with Cindy and her teams, we’re looking forward to amplifying his vision around the world.”

“MYRNE has proven to be an electrifying force in the ever-expanding realm of electronic music,” says Simon Nasser, Managing Director for Universal Music Singapore. “We are delighted to welcome him into the Astralwerks and Universal Music family. The rest of the world simply isn’t ready for what’s to come.”

‘What Can I Do?’ will be available on all streaming platforms on February 11th. Pre-save/add the single here.