Missing Items? You Can Report It to the Police Virtually

PDRM has launched a site for the public to lodge their report, learn how it works

PDRM e-Reporting System’s site

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has launched a site for the public to lodge their reports over missing items online, known as the PDRM e-Reporting System (Sistem e-Reporting PDRM).

The service is an initiative by PDRM to provide online convenience for the public to submit complaints to the police via the internet, and it can be accessed via http://ereporting.rmp.gov.my/index.aspx.

However, do take note that it is limited to missing items that are not linked to crimes. Among the matters that you can use the e-Reporting PDRM service are as follows:

  • Loss of Identity Card
  • Loss of Driving License
  • Loss of Debit/Credit Card
  • Loss of Mobile Phone
  • Loss of Laptop
  • Loss of Road Tax
  • Request for cancellation of domestic helper’s permit (only for cases of domestic helpers running away from their employer’s house)
  • Loss or damage to equipment or documents due to natural disasters

However, keep in mind that the issues listed above must not be related to or caused by crime in order to be eligible for online reporting via the e-Reporting PDRM portal. If it is a crime, you must physically file a police report at your local police station.

This e-Reporting system is only available to Malaysians aged 18 and up, and it can be accessed at any time and from any location that has internet access.