Malaysians to Get the Largest Choice of Inspected and Used Cars

Made possible through a strategic partnership between and MUV

Sale and transfer of ownership of cars couldn't have been more easier with and MUV (Photo by Obi Onyeador for illustrations), Malaysia’s largest marketplace and MUV, a pioneer of ‘Offline2Online’ and Malaysia’s first end-to-end vehicle bidding platform have partnered to create the largest selection of inspected and used cars with a warranty in Malaysia.

Through this strategic alliance, introduces the Mudah Vehicle Inspection & Protection (mVIP) programme. The mVIP programme will give used car buyers assurance and peace of mind for their vehicle purchase by removing any uncertainty and doubt with three assurances:

  1. By verifying the car registration and ownership details.
  2. By verifying the true condition of the car via a comprehensive inspection process.
  3. To offer the opportunity for buyers to purchase an extended warranty to protect against future repair costs.

Together, and MUV believe in the use of technology to make selling and buying used cars easy and transparent. currently has over a 7.5million monthly unique visitors and over 60,000 cars for sale. With the addition of MUV’s network of trained inspectors to generate online reports,’s mVIP will be able to bring Malaysians the largest selection of used cars that have been inspected with a warranty in Malaysia.

“Understanding the true condition of a used car has been the biggest problem for buyers and sellers. By introducing mVIP, we are creating a transparent and trusted car marketplace by providing an unbiased report on the true condition of the vehicle being bought. For even greater peace of mind, we are also able to offer an Extended Warranty on the inspected vehicles through the mVIP programme,” said Gaurav Bhasin, CEO of

Andy Teh, CEO of MUV says, “We are very excited to be working with through this strategic alliance and to provide them with our expertise in used vehicle inspections through our nationwide network of inspection centres and hubs. If the seller is not able to come to our centres for the inspection, we are also able to send our team to their doorstep to make the process of buying and selling their used vehicles as convenient as possible.”

“MUV’s comprehensive 180-point inspection report of vehicles has been relied upon for over RM1.2 billion worth of vehicle transactions on MUV’s online bidding platform. The reports are widely accepted as the gold standard used by dealers throughout the country to help them trade used vehicles without being physically present to look at the vehicles beforehand,” he continued.

mVIP is the first of many programmes that will be offered through this strategic alliance between the two automotive industry marketplace veterans.

In addition, to address one of the pain points of trying to sell a car by yourself in Malaysia, and MUV will also offer an end-to-end facilitation service that includes the ownership transfer (JPJ), car inspection (PUSPAKOM) and financing arrangements for a small fixed fee.

This eliminates the need for car owners to engage the services of (quite often expensive) middlemen when they are unfamiliar with the process, and especially if financing is required by their potential buyer – which is a major barrier for selling through the private market in Malaysia.

“Today, is also the best place for car owners to make the most amount of money when selling their car. Car owners get between 20% to 40% more when they sell their car on,” said Peter Wong, Head of Mudah Auto.

Car owners and buyers can opt to complete their sale and transfer of ownership by just visiting selected MUV centres throughout Malaysia to drop off their vehicle and to pick it up once the name transfer has been completed. For more information, Malaysians are encouraged to head onto or download the app to browse through the car categories.