Light-Off at the TOPP

Light-Off at the TOPP

In conjunction with the Earth Hour 2021 movement, Toppen Shopping centre & Partners go lights out

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For Earth hour this year, Toppen Shopping Centre partnered with IKEA Palsy Johor (NGO), SWM Environment, and SW Corp to bring shoppers a variety of activities at the Topp.

Some of the activities included were the lights out event at 8.30 – 9.00 pm, an awareness exhibition, fitness Zumba, movie screenings, clown’s walkabout and an acoustic band performance. IKEA also took part with sales of recyclable products and Recycle Centre Day by SWCorp & SWM Environment.

recyclable products
IKEA’s recyclable products

Toppen has a long- term commitment to care for the people and the planet. This year’s day-long programme was aimed to drive a positive impact on shoppers, tenants and local community. For Toppen’s ongoing Go Green efforts, the mall is LEED core & Shell 2009 Platinum Certified Winner, awarded on 28th July 2020. The mall aims to be more energy efficient, by harnessing energy from the solar panels located on the roofs. With its open concept, it uses natural lighting and adjusting lighting and power accordingly using their intelligent Building Management System. Even rainwater does not go to waste here and is collected and used by the mall.

 event space
The TOPP event space

This year’s Earth Hour activities were centred in the Mall’s crown jewel rooftop also known as The Topp. This section is designed with the community in mind, offering something for every shopper. Toppen being inspired by its Scandinavian roots feature clean and spacious designs with lots of natural lights and has an Active Zone, Rooftop Garden, Event Piazza and a Family Zone.

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