Leave Home Early if You’re Heading for Your Vaccination Appointment

Massive traffic congestion and large crowds seen at Persada Vaccination Centre (PPV) causing worry among the public and those awaiting their turn

Large crowds awaiting their turn to enter the Persada PPV

If you’re going to drive to Persada Johor International Convention Centre to get your vaccination, then you are advised to leave home much earlier as multiple roads leading to Persada have been closed.

The road closures have led to heavy traffic congestion in Johor Bahru City Centre heading towards Persada.

Queues can be seen spilling out onto the pavement walkway leading to the Public Bank tower

Apart from the traffic congestion, the queue to enter the vaccination hall is also rather long with lines spilling out onto the walkway leading to Public Bank tower with not much social distancing in place due to the lack of space.

For those who are unaware, previously Persada was the only designated centre to vaccinate AstraZeneca opt-ins but it has now been turned into a full-fledged PPV (Pusat Pemberian Vaccine) by KKMVaccines.

This automatically increases the footfall to Persada which inevitably causes high volume traffic of humans and cars.

Traffic Congestion along Jalan Trus due to road closures leading to Persada

Authorities are doing their best to manage the crowd but it is wise to prepare yourself for extended waiting hours and do carry adequate water with you to be fully prepared for the situation.