Le Grandeur’s Run4Fund Chase After the Sunset


The weather was forgiving last Saturday at Le Grandeur’s Palm Resort’s multipurpose field, decorated with 100Plus banners and boards all around. The opening ceremony was graced by Marinah Ibrahim, representative for Tee Boon Tsong, State Assemblyman of Senai. Doves were released as a symbol of the organisers’ goals and hopes to spread joy and love.

Le Grandeur’s Run4Fund Chase After the Sunset
Participants for Ladies Category at the flag-off, chasing after the sunset cheerfully

Le Grandeur, together with co-organiser TJ Mart Saleng Kulai of Pembinaan Titis Jaya were raising funds for Palliative Care Association of Johor Bahru (PCAJB). Around 526 participants arrived to a warm-up session at 4pm and all categories of Men, Ladies and Children, Male Veteran and Ladies Veteran did some zumba exercise together before hitting the 7km run around Le Grandeur’s Allamanda golf course.

Le Grandeur’s Run4Fund Chase After the Sunset
From left to right; Sunset Charity Run4Fund 2019 Chairperson Daphne Ng, Marinah Ibrahim representing state assembly office of Senai district, General Manager of Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor Jef Kong and Co-organizer of event Lee Tet Loong of TJ Mart

“We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to take part in running on a golf course. The golf course, as we know, is not open to the public and non-golfers, therefore, once a year we offer its scenic views and allow families and their children to do it and for a good cause too,” said Daphne Ng, the organising chairperson.

While the participants were chasing after the sun to set, visitors enjoyed some short-range toy shooting, bubble-bump fight to their amusement.

Le Grandeur’s Run4Fund Chase After the Sunset
Winners of Male Open Category, Ladies Open Category, Male Veteran Category, Ladies Veteran Category. Together with event Chairperson, Daphne Ng, Co-organizer of event, Lee Tet Loong of TJ Mart, General Manager of Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor, Jef Kong and supporter Foo Chong Seng of GMT Asian Health Products

Jef Kong, the CEO of Palm Resort Golf & Country Club and General Manager of Le Grandeur Palm Resort added, “We wanted to continue our efforts for the Palliative Care Association as we believe they deserve all the assistance they can get, more so with today’s rising cost.”

Around RM23,000 was raised for this year’s donation, excluding some that were donated by the Le Grandeur Palm Resort’s whole family. Jef Kong together with Lee Tet Loong in total presented a mock cheque of RM28,000 donation to the Deputy President of PCAJB, Roland Lim.