Larkin’s Major Venues Undergoing Sanitation

Preventive measures at the public market and the Larkin Central Bus Terminal


Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) in conjunction with the Fire and Rescue Department, as well as Johor Bahru Health Department and Larkin Sentral Property Bhd has executed decontamination process at the Larkin Public Market (Pasar Awam) and Larkin Central Bus Terminal on 6th April 2020 as one of the efforts to prevent further COVID-19 outbreak. Present on the sanitising day is Mohd Izhar Ahmad, Chairman of State Investment, Entrepreneur Development, Cooperative and Human Resources Committee and the Larkin Assemblyman.

Larkin’s Major Venues Undergoing Sanitation
Disinfecting Larkin Public Market

The operation which involved 90 members has covered the Larkin Sentral area from 9am to 12pm with the aim to disinfect surfaces that are potentially prone to contamination, and were done as per the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) public place sanitation guideline. 40 service contractors, management representatives and Larkin Sentral Waqaf Brigade also joined in the operation, briefing and explaining on the sanitisation process to the contractors when they disinfect public interest places such as the Larkin Sentral Bus Station, the market and surroundings from time to time to ensure it is always clean and safe for the patrons.

Larkin’s Major Venues Undergoing Sanitation
90 people were involved during the sanitising operation

As of 5th April 2020, 51 mosques, 42 prayer rooms, 5 public markets (daily basis), 5 public parks, 19 bridges and 255 bus stops have been sanitised by MBJB. The disinfecting works will be carried on continuously to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Johor Bahru city and its residents.