Kayaking in the City: SIREH Park’s Kaki Ayam Lake Invites the Urbanites to Enjoy Nature

Bringing nature to the urbanites with 13,000 fishes released and encouraging healthy lifestyle with various recreational activities

Participants right after the flag-off at Kaki Ayam Lake

SIREH Park, Iskandar Puteri had recently organised a 2.5KM kayak expedition at ‘Tasik Kaki Ayam’ in the 343-acres park, with close to 60 participants ranging from Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP) personnel and the park’s own community members. 

SIREH, which stands for Sustainable, Initiatives, Recreational, and Educational promotes sustainable lifestyle, provides recreational places, and serve as an educational outdoor lab for the community. 

MBIP’s mayor and Kota Iskandar DUN, Pandak Ahmad with representative of Johor Fishery Office releasing ‘ikan lampam sungai’ for the lake’s ecosystem

“SIREH Park is operated and managed under the management of a Trust namely, The Nusajaya Natural Heritage Trust (TNNHT), a non-profit organisation body under the Incorporation Act 1952,” said Nor Hisham Hussein, Advisor from Regional Open Space for SIREH Park. 

Attending the event were the Mayor of MBIP, Dato’ Haji Mohd Haffiz Haji Ahmad and Iskandar Puteri Assemblyman, Haji Pandak Haji Ahmad. 

Kota Iskandar’s Assemblyman Pandak Ahmad and MBIP’s mayor after the flag-off

Haji Mohd Haffiz in his welcoming and opening speech said the expedition is a historical milestone where the participants on that day are among the first people to have explored the lake through a kayaking activity. 

Assemblyman Haji Pandak told the reporters that he believes this activity would attract the public to visit the park and further develop the tourism of the surrounding areas. He added that the strategic location of the park which is near the Johor Bahru city and Singapore would make it a good venue to visit. 

Advisor from Regional Open Space for Sireh Park, Nor Hisham, SIREH Park’s Head of Management, Faisal Mohd Nor and SIREH Park’s personnel, Lily

Meanwhile, the Johor Fisheries Department was also invited by the park to release 13,000 ‘ikan lampam’ (tinfoil barb) fishes into the lake as a support cycle to the park’s ecosystem. According to the department’s director representative, the choice of ‘ikan lampam’ is based on the data they have collected after inventory and sampling done since November 2021 which found the need of more aquatic species. 

Zakaria, the engineer personnel of SIREH Park said Catch and Release activity will also be held to invite the community to get closer to nature while also keeping a good balance of the park’s ecosystem. The lake is yet to open for the public but is available on a booking-basis for a large group of people like the one they held with MBIP. 

Kaki Ayam Lake that got its name from its shape like chicken feet from aerial view

“SIREH Park welcomes corporations for any activities or joint-organisations for the urban nature endeavour together and could be made by simply making a phone call at its hotline 07-231 7881,” said SIREH Park’s Head of Management, Faisal Mohd Nor when asked on how organisations and groups of people could reach out for possible green campaign or CSR activities.

Adun Bilun, an active Iban-Dayak lifestyle YouTuber in Johor has been frequenting SIREH Park for his content

SIREH Park entry is free and it currently offers BBQ, camping and fishing activities at a price range of RM5 to RM37.50. The Park is open every Tuesday to Sunday between 7.10 am and 3.30 – 6.30 pm. More information and reservations could be found here https://www.mindfuljohor.com/sireh-park/