JSFS Ambitious to Establish a Globally Recognised Film Collective Locally

Haziqah Azemi and Cech Adrea, the two co-founders of Johor Street Film School, discovered a way to enter the international independent film market by enrolling in an eight-month film producer's curriculum in Busan, South Korea

Haziqah Azemi and Cech Adrea, founders of Johor Street Film School in Busan Korea for an eight-month producer’s programme

How can one efficiently plan and carry out initiatives to advance a film collective?

The difficult internal path of hunting for doers comes before the gleam and glamour, as it’s essential to look for the person who wants to undertake practical film work and share the same goal as Johor Street Film School (JSFS) as a collective, even if they lack the essential filmmaking skills.

In September 2022, JSFS went on a field trip to Iskandar Malaysia Studios and was invited to Shattuck St. Mary, where Haziqah Azemi, co-founder of JSFS, and the school’s headmistress, Lianne Dominguez, were developing a community filmmaking programme for foreign students. Being a part of the collective also helped Akiff Mohamad, a JSFS member, secure a teaching position at the school. JOHO, Think City, Bakso Super, Team Ayuz Motorsports, Kulai’s Warung Orkes, and Sah.mura Coffee Shop are among the other partners who have helped the collective.

“Kapsul Studio has been in touch with Tourism Malaysia Southern Regional to be one of its travel buddies. It is good exposure to include Johor Street Film School”, said both Cech and Haziqah, the founders of JSFS.

“What’s next? We already have a lot of local contributions, but we lack colours to make it more out-of-the-box,” they shared.

“The universe is at work – a wonderful work of God while (we) are in Busan, South Korea, for eight months to develop a feature film through the International Business Academy Programme at Busan Asian Film School. Putting aside the film development part — we are discussing a huge opportunity for Johor Street Film School to be exposed and expand globally,” they continued.

“Here at Busan International School, fellows are allowed to use the post-production facilities, editing equipment, audio post machine, and a room for a preview session. What makes it more interesting is that they are very supportive. All fellows have to do is propose a project to use the facilities.”

Cech and Haziqah used a local creative collective in Ipoh called Projek Rabak as a great example whereby it took them twelve years to be recognised globally as a creative collective.

“We want to bring local art and stories internationally through filmmaking. Johor has many local stories that make us beautiful and unique with our traditional Kuda Kepang, and adding Sambal Kicap in every dish, Satay for breakfast, football and many more,” shared the duo.

“Can you picture a film created by a Johor-South Korea partnership collective project about a Kuda Kepang performer who serves Satay for breakfast with Sambal Kicap and aspires to be a football star?”

Cech and Haziqah penned; “Be local. You will be global,” to sign off from their film adventure update with The Iskandarian. We wish them luck!