Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club is 13 Years Strong

Energising community for over a decade, the NGO celebrates and shares laughter through a virtual meet

Colourful members dancing during the 13th anniversary celebration Zoom meeting

Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club (JBHJC) celebrates its 13th year of empowering the people in Johor Bahru with laughter yoga on 19th September through Zoom which has been the NGO’s main meeting ground since the lockdown that took place worldwide. The pandemic may have made it hard but the winner of Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA) powered through with daily virtual meet-ups for everyone that would like to practise laughing and de-stress.

Welcomed by President Lina Lim, the event with the theme ‘cheerful’ was attended by members of JBHJC and laughing yoga friends worldwide. Guest of honour Thanam Visvanathan, Chairman of IMSHA, addressed the social club to be one of the unseen roles in maintaining and rejuvenating mental health especially in this time of struggle with curbing the pandemic at bay.

Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club is 13 Years Strong
Members leading singing and dancing during the activities

True to its theme, the celebratory activities include singing and dancing along with laughing exercises all led by the members of JBHJC, adorned in colourful outfits, throughout the one-hour session. A song specially created for the celebration by JBHJC member, Khedly Koh, was played twice to keep the spirit of the celebration alive.

The event ended with the club’s ‘Multi-lingual Thank You’ song before they bid goodbye to all the participating members in the celebration.

Every day, JBHJC conducts a Zoom laughing yoga practise session. Participants who are interested in participating may contact the club via their Facebook page to attend their session or to arrange their own private session.