Jeruk Buah or Fine?

What you may think is a harmless item to buy may cost you a lot more than you’d imagine

A peddler
A peddler seen at a busy traffic intersection (Image via Kosmo!)

Conducting business at traffic light junctions, according to Johor Police Chief CP Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, is a criminal offence because it puts both merchants and road users at risk.

Speaking at a press conference, Datuk Ayob said that through ‘Operation Kesedaran’, the Johor police have established 52 locations that have become venues for business activities at traffic light intersections across the state.

Although no accidents have been reported so far as a result, this act is definitely dangerous and is flouting the laws.

“Not only dealers can be sued under the statute, but consumers can also be charged up to RM2,000,” said Datuk Ayob. He urges that these traders should look for other ways to sell that are both safe and legal.

Meanwhile, Utusan Malaysia reported that peddlers operating at traffic light junctions are becoming increasingly popular not only in Johor, but also in the Klang Valley. Common items sold at these locations are Mango Asam Boi (jeruk manga) and various types of drinks.