Jean Tan Releases ‘The Morning After’

A dreamy pop-R&B EP about the aftermath of the storm


The five-track extended play is singer-songwriter Jean Tan’s most collaborative yet, featuring production by Evanturetime (Evan Low), Josh Wei, Leo Goh and songwriting and vocal arrangement collabs with renown artists linying and Joanna Dong respectively.

The last in a trilogy of EPs, ‘The Morning After’ is available from 5 May 2023, Friday, on all major digital streaming platforms via Believe Music and LEEWAY.

The EP is rife with the singer-songwriter’s familiar R&B-inspired instrumentation, from the saxophone solo in ‘dance’ to the smooth e-guitar licks of ‘when it’s time’ and dreamy synths of ‘something forever’. Rounding those out are a couple of catchy bops which includes Jean Tan’s most recent single, ‘hatin’ on ok’ and the EP’s focus single ‘ always summertime’.

While previous body of works ‘Hideaway’ (2017), and ‘Blooms’ (2020) were about grieving and healing, Jean Tan’s freshest EP ‘The Morning After’ ruminates on the joy of the aftermath, intertwined with a fear of losing her hard-won stability.

That is not to say that there is no hope. At the end of it all, while nothing can truly be evergreen, ’The Morning After’ is a reminder to enjoy beauty while it lasts and ride the waves till the next high. Daytime will soon pass into night, an eternal dance between sun and moon. So we wait, apprehensive yet sanguine about what the future holds.

‘The Morning After’ is now available on all major digital platforms.

Listen to ‘The Morning After’