Industry Students Engaging in Rogue Film Business for Rebel Filmmakers


Rogue & Rebel Studio gets youngsters pumped for their career

Film and movies are powerful storytelling tools. In Multimedia University (MMU) at EduCity, Iskandar Puteri, budding filmmakers flocked to learn some insight from Rogue & Rebel Studio about the industry and how to stick with the field that they are passionate about even after graduating.

Rozinor briefs on Rogue & Rebel Studio’s project to MMU first year students

Rozinor Razali or Ajin disclosed that it is tough for Malaysian film students to sustain their interests and passion in filmmaking after graduating as they often land in jobs that are out of the industry. This is the sort of brain drain that Ajin is trying to tackle by enriching the knowledge of the young filmmakers and help them see more options by going independent.

Rozinor with Demi Istri Production’s Fajar Nugros and Susanti Dewi during their sharing session

He conducted a brief on his visionary about the independent film ecology around Johor with Rogue & Rebel Studio Project that involves curating ideas and nurturing Johor talents to produce their first feature film. The project has 5 milestones with the final one being in July 2020, hosting a Neo-Johore International Independent Film Festival. The event is placed as milestone 2 and the next one would be community tour and production workshop afterwards.

Open casting session to find actors for Rogue & Rebel Studio’s upcoming project

Rogue & Rebel also flew in Fajar Nugros and Susanti Dewi of Demi Istri Production all the way from Indonesia to give the students and attendees an overview on how film business work. Fajar handed out plenty of wisdom on how to get audience captivated in your movies while Susanti rolled out generous sharing on how to pitch films to potential partners and funders.

The event also held short films screening and open casting to fill in the casts for the studio’s upcoming projects. Find out more about Rogue & Rebel’s aspiration on their Facebook page