IKEA Inspires Businesses to Reimagine Workspaces for a Hybrid Workplace

B2B offering enables entrepreneurs to set-up highly functional, flexible and adaptive work environments


As the concept of workspaces and work culture continues to evolve in today’s new normal, the hybrid work arrangement is set to define the future of work. In inspiring businesses to reimagine and redesign their office spaces, IKEA has rolled out ‘IKEA for Business’, a B2B offering that enables entrepreneurs to create a highly functional, flexible and adaptive work environment that accommodates the new way of working.

A 2020 study on the pandemic’s effect on the country’s workforce, revealed that 65% of Malaysians were working from home, compared with 52% of the global average (IPOS 2020 Survey). The impact of this change affects how people will continue to transition between working from home and going back into the office.

“Well thought out office spaces are proven to improve productivity and quality of work-life, even more so when people are juggling between two separate work environments. As such, in reshaping the workspaces of the new normal, it is important that care and attention are given to the office space and layout details,” said Parveen Sindhu, Country Manager of IKEA for Business (Malaysia), IKEA Southeast Asia. “We are excited to relaunch IKEA for Business, our B2B offering that helps companies reinvent their workspaces with the best interest of their greatest asset, their employees, at heart.”

IKEA for Business offers inspiring Scandinavian style furnishing that is affordable, sustainable workspaces, and of quality. Through its one-stop, end-to-end service, from interior planning services, product selection to delivery and installation, business owners are able to attain their preferred office styling and essential needs, all within a comfortable budget.

Despite the uncertainty, over 200,000 new businesses registered were registered in Malaysia between March and September 2020, defying the pandemic gloom. As Malaysian entrepreneurs roll out and adapt their business models, the need to adjust and reimagine affordable and inspiring workspaces will continue to rise, a need which IKEA for Business now fulfils.

IKEA for Business can fit out any business space, from creating a functional workspace that works to setting up a perfect retail space, planning a restaurant layout to designing a childcare centre, helping entrepreneurs realise their business dreams. Visit IKEA for Business’ newly launched website dedicated to B2B to find out more at www.business.IKEA.com.my.