How Would A Rich Kid Explore Sarawak?

Malcolm Mejin, author of Diary of a Rich Kid is releasing his second book


Mid Valley Southkey Mall in Johor Bahru is huge but finding author Malcolm Mejin’s book panel at Popular Mega Bookfair was a breeze. Clad in school uniform-like, emulating the characters in his book; the ‘Diary of A Rich Kid’, which is about 3 rich boys – Robin, Charlie and Ken, Malcolm shared a little teaser of his upcoming book for the rich kid series – ‘Diary of a Rich Kid, Road Trip’.

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After a meet-up with his fans, Malcolm took his time to share more about his second book on the Rich Kid series. “It’s more about a family road trip,” he said. A proud Sarawakian, he has been chipping in a lot of Sarawak’s element in his first book where Robin always craves for Kolo Mee.

The sequel book would be released in the first quarter of 2020 and it is a refreshing storyline where the rich kids are exploring Sarawak, from its ecology to its heritage – everything is real and it will pull readers to have an adventure together as you flip the pages. Malcolm has also added more characters with a few female friends on their Sarawak road trip. “It is more diverse in a sense there are characters who are social media savvy, so a lot of readers might find them relatable,” he said enthusiastically.

Diary of a Rich Kid is one of MPH bookstore’s best-selling titles in 2019

It took him 3 months to come up with the book on top of his busy schedule touring around Malaysia to promote his book.  Malcolm addressed the issue with his first book’s cover design that he has now completely revamped. As a self-published author, he outsourced the designing part to a third party and since it went for sale, a lot of people have been asking him about the design. “I have taken more control on the design and have rejuvenated the whole thing,” Malcom assures.

Malcolm estimates that the sequel book to be launched by February 2020 and it would be made available at major bookstores like MPH and Popular.

Prior to Diary of a Rich Kid, other titles by Malcolm are Zany Zombie, Cool Diary and Cinderella Charmed.