How to Stay Active When Working From Home – Part 3

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Here are a few more ideas for quick bursts of activity that can help you boost brainpower and physical health in the midst of your workday.

Move during virtual meetings

Turn off your camera, stretch and march in place, spin on an indoor bicycle, or work out with exercise bands.

Run up and down stairs

As any football player or track star can tell you, running stairs or bleachers is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Bonus: It also strengthens multiple muscle groups and improves balance.

Do bodyweight exercises

Do pushups, squats, mountain climbers, and/or wall sits. Need inspiration? Check out Lifehack’s 7 minute workout, which includes 12 exercises that require only a chair, a wall, and your bodyweight.

Hold the plank pose for 30 seconds

The classic yoga/Pilates posture strengthens your abdominal muscles along with the rest of your core.

Picture credit: Upsplash

Put on your favourite music and dance

Dance is gentle on the body, and research suggests it boosts both mood and cognitive performance.

Do a workout video

Trying different workout videos can shake up your routine and take the guesswork out of exercising. Consider something like Yoga with Adriene, which is free and low key and provides terrific workouts. Bonus: Adrienne’s dog makes frequent appearances on her videos.

Jump on a mini trampoline

Also, check out this 30-minute, full-body workout from the New York Times, in which the jump rope plays a starring role.

Lift weights

Don’t have dumbbells? Large cans of fruit or vegetables work great, as do jugs of water or bags of onions or potatoes.

Take business calls while walking around outside

Studies show that time outside boosts mental health and reduces stress.

Do yoga poses

Use a free online resource (such as this one) to design your own yoga routine. A quick stretch break can rejuvenate your body and mind.

No matter your preferred workout, don’t forget to hydrate and blast your favourite tunes to stay motivated!


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