Going Cashless to Help Fight Corruption?


OTTIGO Group aims to sign up at least 30% of the 1,187 schools in Johor within the next three years

The actions of payment or transactions have been through numerous evolution stages and the rise of e-payment and cashless systems have brought tremendous paradigm shift towards the way we manage our finances, as well as how we conduct our day-to-day transactions. Although credit and debit cards are still widely used, tech-savvy people are generally moving towards other payment gateways or e-wallets to pay for groceries, utilities, and etc. for convenience.

Cashless payment system will blur the brick-and-mortar walls of the traditional banking system, leaving behind the hassle of having to drive or walk over to an ATM at the bank just to perform certain transactions.

Recently, the Johor state government had launched its Cashless Payment Programme with Ottigo Group. The programme was officially launched by Haji Aminolhuda Bin Haji Hassan, Exco of Education, Human Resources, Science & Technology who represented the Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Dr. Sahruddin Bin Jamal.

Ottigo Sdn Bhd, the solution provider for this cashless payment programme, will implement OTTICASH payment solutions in Johor, starting with schools. The programme will be extended into other areas gradually.

Ottigo had earlier received approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia to implement the international prepaid card programme in all schools. The solutions provided by the company includes OTTICASH international prepaid card for every students, teachers and staff in the school, and payment terminals as the respective payment collection points, e.g. canteen and offices. The prepaid card will carry an international brand, e.g. Mastercard or Visa, which can be used not only in the school but also globally.

Replica of the OTTICASH international prepaid card

According to Datuk Dr. Sahruddin, he is supportive of the country’s direction towards cashless society, which will help fight corruption. The payment solutions implemented in the schools by Ottigo will make payment become easy, which benefit the students, parents and the schools. The solution not only provides convenience of payment, but also helps the students and parents to cultivate good habits in understanding and managing their spending. Besides that, the programme will help the school in managing payment collections.

“We will start implementing the card payment programme in Johor with the objective to introduce the idea of cashless payment and educating students the proper way of managing money. We target to sign-up at least 30% of the 1,187 schools in Johor in 3 years’ time”, said Dato’ Christopher Loh, Group CEO of OTTIGO Group.

“I’m happy to announce that in the near future, OTTIGO Group will introduce another OTTICASH Payment Programme with an airline in Malaysia. The programme will not only bring about the convenience of making payment, but also benefit the passengers of the airline when travelling both locally and abroad,” he added.

During the launching ceremony, 11 religious schools represented by the respective principals had signed agreement for the Cashless Payment Programme with Ottigo Group witness by Haji Aminolhuda and officers from the District Islamic Education office.