Giving a Little Bit of Love at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Make a change with the walk-free sanctuary for homeless animals that believes in nurturing with enthusiasm

Some of the free-roaming animals at NANAS (image courtesy of NANAS website)

How many of us could offer some strays we see en route to our destination, a loving home?

This is how Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter or fondly known as NANAS was founded in 1995 by Raymund Wee in Singapore before moving all their inhabitants in 2000 to a 10-acre site at Kampung Ulu Pulai, Pekan Nenas, Johor, Malaysia.

Giving a Little Bit of Love at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
Animals at NANAS lives with dignity and a cage-free lifestyle (images courtesy of NANAS website)

To date, the non-profit and non-government organisation’s sanctuary is home to free-roaming 700 dogs, 300 cats, 10 horses, 3 primates, a wild boar and many other rescued animals, walking free all around the shelter.

NANAS, an Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA) 2015 winner for animal and wildlife category, gives abused, abandoned or homeless animals a second chance by providing food, water, shelter and medical attention when needed for them to live out the rest of their lives with dignity. The sanctuary is advocating sterilisation to reduce the stray population and the birth of unwanted litter while educating the public on the importance of animal welfare and how to be responsible caregivers through its Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic at subsidised rates.​ 500 animals are reported to have been sterilised monthly together with volunteer groups who conduct Trap Neuter Return Manage (TRNM) programmes.

Giving a Little Bit of Love at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
A joint programme with Melaka City Council to spay and neuter pets for the OKU and financially-challenged household in March 2021 (images courtesy of Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah Facebook page)

In the hopes to ensure a lasting impact, NANAS embarked on a variety of initiatives like Project Industrial Dogs, Project Catsnip, Project SOS (Save Our Street) Dogs & Cats and Noah’s Ark VetHelp & Vet Internship Programmes.

Solely funded by donations from the public, NANAS through their website said the biggest cost is food while funds are needed for palliative care, and special diets for terminally ill animals, medical supplies, veterinary services, salary, rental, power generation, sundry items for daily operations and maintenance costs for the upkeep of the sanctuary.

Requests are received on a monthly basis to rescue animals in Malaysia and Singapore with most of them requiring immediate medical attention and nursing care.

Giving a Little Bit of Love at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter
A recently rescued puppy after a few weeks of skin mites treatment in NANAS (image courtesy of NANAS Facebook)

The public or interested parties who’d like to lend a hand or give some love to NANAS may do so by donating through:

Noahs Ark Natural Animal Shelter

Account No:  8006068003 (CIMB Bank)

Email the transaction screenshot to for tracking purposes.

NANAS accept payments via PayPal for international contributions and can be made by sending payment to

Visit the NANAS website, for more information on becoming a sponsor and a monthly donor. Get in touch with NANAS through NANAS Facebook Page for any collaborative interest.