From ‘No Plastic’ to ‘Back to School’ for the Underprivileged Children

Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort steps in to support Momo Love Concept

(From right to left) Jamie Lau, Ponderosa's Senior Manager presenting an envelope containing cash to Chris Sim of Momo Love Concept

A simple initiative to discourage the use of plastic bags at Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort has resulted in cash collection amounting to RM640.55 which was presented to Momo Love Concept in support of their initiative to help school-going children from underprivileged families to prepare for 2023 academic year.

“When the pandemic eased and people allowed to utilise the social centre facilities at the club, we re-implemented our NO PLASTIC campaign in August,” said Tan Kai Yang, the resort’s General Manager.   The aim of the ‘NO PLASTIC’ campaign was to discourage the rampant use of plastic bags.  After swimming or activities, it was the norm for club members and guests to ask for plastic bags from the service counter to contain soiled clothing or towels. However, since early 2020, members were given their own recyclable bags to bring with them every time they go to the resort to keep their soiled belongings. Inevitably, many forget their recyclable bags and without refusing their need for the bags, members were asked to drop any amount into a donation box in exchange, which will then be used for the benefit of a charitable organisation of the resort’s choice.

This time the collaboration was with Momo Love Concept who were having their BACK TO SCHOOL 2023 campaign.  The idea is to run a mobile counter giving away free items needed to start school for poor children staying in selected PPR residential areas.

Instead of the children coming to one place to collect the items, which would incur the need for transport and other costs, the counter will be stationed at their residential areas and allowing them to choose exactly what they need, as opposed to previous attempts of giving random school-going items which they may not need.

“I wish to thank Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort for choosing us as their collaborating partner.  Every contribution is appreciated as this will be used to purchase much-needed writing materials, stationery and other items that the children will need to get them started for the first day of school in 2023,” said Chris Sim, the founder of Momo Love Concept.

Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort began ‘A Green Leap Forward’ Campaign in December 2019 for environmental sustainability; an initiative which were divided into phases that included elements of education on environment conservation for the young during activities and adopting practices such as waste separation, re-use or upcycling whenever possible (e.g. converting used buggy tires into seats and crates into tables), discouraging the use of plastic packaging and encouraging water and energy conservation.