Feeling the Wind of Change from A Loft Affair

Cultivating female empowerment through sisterhood bond, one project at a time


A Loft Affair, as the name suggests, is a social enterprise that was founded on the bond of sisterhood while cultivating the community they are living in to move towards a greater good in many ways – especially on empowering women. Formed under Loft & Brown since 2017 by founder-CEO Nora Dato’ Rahmat known as Lady Nora and Co-Founder who is also her good friend, Magda Hesnel, A Loft Affair with a strong team of 5 people has since then branched to many projects like ‘Loft N More’ and ‘Loft Wellness’. Recently, just before the MCO, the team had successfully organised ‘Loft Babes Search’ and crowned Malveen Kaur as the ultimate winner, who is now running for Miss Grand Malaysia.

A Loft Affair founder, Lady Nora with one of the Loft Babes, Creative Babe, Aera Donz

“Each one of us are unique in our own ways and we rise by lifting and believing in others.” Lady Nora narrated how they are all connected and centralised through their work which is aligned to A Loft Affair’s identity. Partnering with Daddy & Co’s Syam as the Photographer in charge of branding and Farah Basheer as the Creative Director, currently running ‘Crown’ under Loft’s Wellness establishment. While Rita Harun, the Management Advisor, is a good friend of Lady Nora since she settled in Malaysia.

A Loft Affair in its 4 years of establishment has actively given talks to women and youth mostly to help them establish confidence in themselves and how-to in careers. Working with the Department of Women Development, the team is welcoming everyone and anyone from all walks of lives to talk to them and coordinate almost anything together as they are in their capacity, are ready to Empower, Inspire and Engage.