Equipping the Frontliners with Much Needed Items to Battle COVID-19

Suria Johor Bahru Foundation and fellow NGO step up to help enrich hospitals’ arsenal of medical items

Dr Mohtar (fourth from left) with the donated medical equipment from Suria Johor Bahru Foundation while Ho (second from right) looks on - image courtesy of The Star

Battling the unknown enemy includes updating the list of effective equipment to fight against it from time to time; more so when the enemy is always mutating like the COVID-19.

Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA) winner, Suria Johor Baru foundation together with fellow non-governmental organisation, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan Johor Bahru had teamed up to provide much needed medical equipment to Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) in Johor Bahru.

“RM50,000 worth of said equipment was donated to the public hospital as an aid to help battle against the pandemic,” Suria Johor Bahru Foundation founder and secretary James Ho said, adding that the foundation has donated RM100,000 worth of aid to HSA for the year alone.

“This time, we’re teaming with Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan Johor Bahru to donate 200 oximeters, 10 beds, and three vital sign monitors,” he stated after handing the equipment to the hospital director, Dr Mohtar Pungut.

Hoping the equipment would help the frontliners to better manage the patients including the ones with COVID-19, James said that among the items that the foundation had previously donated to the hospital included food for medical frontliners and 10 syringe infusion pumps.

HSA director Dr Mohtar Pungut in his gratitude remarks said that they are grateful for the support and assistance received throughout the pandemic and added that some have provided food and beverages to both patients and personnel.

The donated machines and beds are said to be used in COVID-19 wards and would help the hospital to increase capacity to attend both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients.