Columbia Asia Hospital Launches Mobile App to Enhance Patients’ Experience


Over three million patients would benefit from the service as 2019 healthcare trend suggests

One of the largest and fastest-growing healthcare companies in Asia, Columbia Asia Hospital underlined some key trends surrounding the healthcare industry and has launched a mobile app to observe patients’ behavior and cater to their evolving needs.

Dr. Kelvin Loh, Group Chief Executive Officer, Columbia Asia commented about existing healthcare trends, “The key trends observed by us clearly highlight that modern patients are demanding for personalised, quick and seamless healthcare delivery. Our studies have also shown that technology advancements in healthcare have the potential of closing the communication and information gap between patients and providers. As a company that is continuously looking for better ways to enhance services to our patients, we will try to bring in newer systems and processes that will be in line with demands of the times.”

Among Key Healthcare Trends in 2019 according to Columbia Asia includes:

• Patients are looking for the best consultation with efficient services: Patients expect a lot mainly for service aspect that includes well-maintained hospitals, helpful doctors, nurses and staff, shorter waiting time for appointments, quick access to health records and all that jazz.

• The future of healthcare lies in efficiency: Primary and secondary care, patients prefer to rely on neighborhood / small-sized hospitals that provide easier access to quality healthcare services. In addition, smaller hospitals provide focused treatment options and shorter in-patient stays enabling them to keep costs low for patients.

• Tapping into the realm of mobile healthcare: More healthcare organisations rely on patient interface through mobile apps that often feature the ability to schedule appointments, access patient’s medical history and test results, send reminders and provide option of cashless payment for acquired services.

• Reviews within the social media space. Consumers could check reviews before making most purchase decisions and are increasingly getting dependent on reviews found online. Other factors such as presence on social media platforms and its responsiveness have an influence on patients’ hospital preference.

In line with the highlighted trends, Columbia Asia has launched its official mobile app aimed to enhance their services while keeping up with emerging healthcare trends that were important for hospital operators to continuously ensure hassle-free hospitals experience.

The application mainly caters to the patients where it allows booking, managing appointments, payment, hospital-related queries, retrieving corporate information and be in the know for promotions efficiently. It’s made available on both iOS and Android platforms.

A pilot programme has also been launched with an app for physicians as part of its efforts to improve connectivity to the IT platform to aid in better patient engagement.

Download Columbia Asia mobile apps here:

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