Children Racing for a Better Planet


Cycling race event for children under 7 gathered interests from all over Johor

In conjunction with World Environment Day, Sunway Iskandar had organised a campaign to promote healthy lifestyle amongst the community. Race for a Better Planet, the annual recurring cycling theme by Sunway Iskandar, held its first cycling event for children this year. The event, Push Bike Fun Race, was co-organised by Happy Riders Connect, a cycling club based in Johor Bahru. CEO of Sunway Iskandar, Gerard Soosay, officiated the event and gave his support to the participants.

A mother supporting her child’s enthusiasm in racing

Push bikes, or balance bike, are small-body bicycles without attached pedals. The rider sits on the bicycle seat and uses his legs to pedal. Children on the race track skillfully maneuvered the race course bends; like professional cyclists do, except without the pedals and they were adorable to watch. The friendly race was held for children aged 2 – 7 years old, each raced in their own age category, with a total of 166 race participants.

On your mark, get set, go!

Founder of Happy Riders Connect, Stephen Ngu, believes that push bikes help children gain balancing skills and motivates children to participate in sports. Safe cycling is their top priority. All children must be equipped with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and shoes in order to join the race.

Three-year-old racing category! – What did you do when you were three?

Nina Zainudin, a mother supporting her three children in their race, found a way to shift their attention from gadgets through cycling. Weekends that used to be spent at home idling is now spent cycling and more bonding time with her children. She claimed her children are now more sociable since learning how to cycle, and had received feedback from school that her son was able to focus better in class. Through cycling, she teaches her children to be mentally strong and not cry when they fall. This further improves the confidence level of her children.

“When it comes to sport, everyone comes out and comes together to support each other. It’s just like family,” Stephen Ngu said.