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Cerebral Palsy Johor to Close?

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Cerebral Palsy Johor has been providing its services for the past 52 years to affected children – maybe it’s time for the public to assist by at least sponsoring one child each to keep the place going

It has been higlighted numerous times that Cerebral Palsy Johor (CPJ) formerly known as the Spastic Children’s Association of Johor is in deficit for the past 4 years. A wish list & Itemised Wish List has been posted and shared many times on social media seeking sponsorship/donations from individuals or corporate companies to use their CSR programmes to help the association, but to date, the amount received could not match the operating cost.

CPJ has embarked on a few sustainable projects as part of of its funding plans such as chilli fertigation, rental of hall and telcos, Annual Charity Food & Funfair, hydroponic vegetables, solar energy, stingless bee project and Charity Fishing Competition. The association currently seeks the public’s support on the sale of coupons for its Charity Food & Funfair to be held on 27th July 2019 and sponsorship for a Golf Event on 20th August 2019.

After 52 years of providing the much needed service to cp childen and fullfilling their parents’ high expectations and hope, and at the same time struggling with persistent shortage of funds/deficit budget, the crunch was felt when they could not pay the staffs’ salaries for the month of March and contemplated taking drastic action to “rest” the school. It was at that point that the State Government and the association’s Royal Patron came to their rescue to tide them over but only for the next two (2) months. What about the rest of the year?

One of the strategies in appealing to the public is by “funding a child”. The cost of financing a child is reflected in the cost of emoluments of the teachers’ and rehab staffs which amounts to around RM900,000.00 per year. By sponsoring a child at a cost of RM3,500.00 each, the public would be able to offset part of the cost. This project of sponsoring a cp child would contribute towards fulfilling part of the deficit.

What CPJ is currently facing is a real crisis. If CPJ cannot raise RM1.8 million yearly (operating cost), then they would have no other choice but to permanently “rest” the association.

Cerebral Palsy Johor cares and provides education and services for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy – a disorder caused by damage to the brain. There are about 130 children and adults with cerebral palsy housed at the association, and they are all provided with special education, rehabilitation skill training (vocational) and sheltered workshop for the adults.
Would you let this association to permanently close its door after all these years of service? We certainly hope not. For donation enquiries and information, please contact Suthina Tharmapalan of Cerebral Palsy Johor at 07-2235452/2264380

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