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COVID-19: Engage Employees through Effective Communications

With everyone staying indoors, into more than a month of Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, how is life going to...

Surviving Covid19 – Employment and Sustainability: What can companies do?

One of the most common questions we get from employers due to COVID-19: It is hard for the Company to sustain at the moment...

Working from Home – What’s Your Set Up?

WFH, Stay at Home are the latest in-thing

Pitch Yourself in Your Resume

An initiative to help women returning to work

Corporate Liability under Section 17A of MACC Act: Are You Prepared for It?

The Government has been relentless in its pursuit to eradicate corruption, especially since May 2018. Several high-profile cases, including those linked to the infamous 1MDB...

Consumer confidence to continue through 2020?

71% of respondents expect Malaysia’s economy to improve in 2020: Randstad Malaysia

COVID-19: The Heavy Blow on Businesses

I took a stroll at one of the tourist hotspots in Malaysia just about a week ago but most of the shops were closed....

Frustrated Employees – Time to Implement the Grievance Policy

In this current time, managing workforce with an iron fist is no longer suitable and employees now demand for better treatment including the right...

Financial Crime

Financial crisis is a situation where the value of financial institutions or assets drops rapidly.  It’s a result of institutions or assets being overvalued...

Tips to Increase Your Chances in an Unlawful Dismissal Matter

For the past few years, we have been experiencing more cases on unlawful dismissal, and in some cases, we see employers spending unnecessary money...

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