Care United JB Assists 110 Students and Families

The NPO kicked-off the year 2023 with their first Food Aid distribution at SJK (C) Kuo Kuang 1 and PPR Kempas Permatang

Bundles of goodies ready to be picked up by students and their families at SJK (C) Kuo Kuang 1

Care United Johor Bahru (CUJB), a non-profit organisation based in Johor Bahru started off the year by continuing with their food aid efforts in tandem with the Chinese New Year celebration happening just around the corner.

95 students of B40 family at SJK (C) Kuo Kuang 1 received Food Aid worth RM150 including Chinese New Year red packets and goodies worth RM20 for each student. The students’ parents were also present during the handover day on 13th January at the school’s hall, which was conducted and organised with the assistance of the school’s Vice Principal and teachers.

Meanwhile, 15 targeted families at PPR Kempas Permatang received their basic necessities on 17th January at the flat’s foyer of the residential block.

The recipients were residents selected by the neighbourhoood head who works closely with all residents to ensure their welfare is taken care of and values any assistance given in meeting their needs.

Dato’ Florence Goh, President of CUJB with CUJB volunteers during the food aid distribution at PPR Kempas Permatang

“With rising inflation in Malaysia causing the prices of food and household products to increase, CUJB wanted to provide them the basic necessities to survive,” CUJB said in a statement.