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Should Your Children’s Education Ever Stop?

Learning centres shifting gears to new normal through VEExpo 2020

MBJB Peels Off Eatery’s Exterior and Interior

Wondering why it was peeled and pulled away? Read on to learn more

Johor Underwater: Flood Updates (4th Jan 2021)

Numbers of evacuees, affected districts and roads that are closed

Vaccine: Is this the Dawn of Post-COVID-19?

Many Malaysians hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after over a year being “plagued” by this pandemic that has gripped the entire world to a standstill

Johor’s Velodrome: What Has Tun Musa Hitam Got to Say?

The 2 things about the cycling venue to know about amid pandemic

Preparing Professionals to Foresee Complex Global Environment

UN Global Compact, Bursa Malaysia, collaborates to promote the sustainability agenda of the capital market

How is Iskandar Malaysia Going to Roll-Out its Data Plan?

Marking the expansion of the data analytics initiative across the state of Johor

Close to a Million Raised!

Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation’s (TLJCF) annual run garnered plenty of support for its cause

Forest City Turns 5!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Forest City project in Johor, at the Iskandar Economic Region of southern Malaysia

You Might Be At Risk For Doing This!

How do you stay safe when the new normal also opens to new loopholes of safety?
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