Armed Forces Field Hospital at HSA is Ceasing its Operations

After tending to over 1,500 COVID-19 patients since June 2021, the field hospital is leaving the general hospital’s ground

Armed Forces field Hospital at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor (image courtesy of The Star_

After a six-month tenure, the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) field hospital at Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), which was brought in to aid the state with COVID-19 cases, has ceased its operations.

According to R. Vidyananthan, chairman of the Johor Health and Environment Committee, the field hospital set up at the HSA car park area officially ceased operations on Thursday, the 16th of December.

“Throughout the field hospital activation period from the 6th of June, it tended to 1,592 COVID-19 patients (category 1 to 4) from all over the state.

“The field hospital also saw a total of 70 MAF personnel and 74 staff from HSA working together to help the COVID-19 patients during this time,” he said in a statement.

The field hospital, which was established through the Johor Disaster Management Committee, had 60 beds and four intensive care unit beds, according to Vidyananthan.

From August to October, he said, another 16 hospital beds were created to overcome the increased number of patients in Johor at the time.

“The state government would like to express thanks to all the agencies involved in the operations of the field hospital for their cooperation and contribution,” he added.