airasia Super App Lands in Johor Bahru

More gig economy key players coming into the state to help keep unemployment issues at bay

From left: Lim Ben-Jie, Head of Delivery for airasia Super App, Dato' Haji Abdul Rahman bin Salleh, District Officer of Johor Bahru, Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Bin Mohammad, Lim Chiew Shan, CEO, airasia ride, and HH Tengku Tarmizi bin Tengku Aziz, representative of Mayor of Johor Bahru City Council

airasia Super App’s delivery business has reaffirmed its commitment to provide the best-valued delivery services to all Johoreans, and is calling for interested F&B operators, ride-hailing drivers and delivery riders to join its mission to provide the best delivery services in Johor Bahru and soon, in other towns and cities across the state.

The company held a press conference here, with the Menteri Besar of Johor Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni bin Mohammad, who officiated the flag-off ceremony for the airasia Super App.

“We would like to congratulate AirAsia and especially the airasia Super App team for the launch of airasia Super App’s delivery service in Johor Bahru. AirAsia has been a significant player in supporting Johor’s tourism and economic activities since its inception in 2002 and we applaud their effort in taking yet another step to contributing to the online delivery and ride-hailing industry of the state. airasia Super App’s delivery service will not only create more job opportunities for the people in Johor, but will also provide restaurants and F&B operators with more choices when delivering their products to their customers. airasia Super App’s landing in Johor will also offer tourists and Johoreans with more choices for affordable options to travel around the city.

“We hope Johoreans and especially small local business owners and restaurant owners will take advantage of the airasia Super App offerings to digitise their business and further penetrate into the market and expand their reach. We look forward to working together with airasia to help revive our local economy through its offerings,” he said in his speech.

He was joined by Lim Chiew Shan, CEO of airasia ride and Lim Ben-Jie, Head of Delivery for airasia Super App.

airasia Super App’s delivery business consists of food delivery platform airasia food, grocery delivery platform airasia grocer, ride-hailing platform airasia ride and on-demand express delivery platform, airasia xpress.

Lim Ben-Jie, Head of Delivery for airasia Super App

Lim Ben-Jie, Head of Delivery for airasia Super App said, “The airasia Super App is now more than a platform for guests to just purchase flight tickets and check-in onboard. We have successfully transformed airasia into a digital lifestyle company, where customers can not only purchase their usual AirAsia flights, they could also purchase flights from 700 other airlines to 6,000 destinations around the world, book hotels, rides, meals, and even utilise our fintech services as well, among many others.“

“Serving the underserved underpins the core AirAsia DNA, and we strive to provide the best value for restaurant owners, merchants, delivery riders and ride-hailing drivers with the best value services to all. We encourage everyone in Johor to explore the new airasia Super App, whether you’re a merchant, business owner or just someone looking for an irresistible deal. We believe we have something for everyone.”

The ride emblazoned with airasia’s iconic plane’s gear

F&B operators and restaurants who are keen can register their interest to become a partner merchant by filling up a form here. Individuals who are interested to be part of the airasia delivery team can sign up via this page.

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