Adopting the PRC Experience to Win the COVID-19 Battle


The COVID-19 pandemic hit several Asian countries since early this year and the situation appears to have improved but fluctuates. Another wave of COVID-19 landed Singapore, the Philippines, Japan and other countries in late July – experts calls it the second wave. Some cities are under lock-down again, while other cities have suspended domestic flights and bus services.

Quarantine and isolation are expected. Mask appears as “uniform” or even as part of ladies’ fashion for office workers. Thermometer is the first one to greet you after arrival to office or anywhere for the matter, and temperatures are recorded daily. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Asian’s daily lifestyle in the past few months.

Combating COVID-19 pandemic becomes one of the key agendas for governments. The healthcare system safeguards the anti-COVID firewall and rescue lives. Schools are suspended until further notice in many parts of the world.  Imported foods are sterilized before distribution and further processing. New incoming working VISAs are not granted. Visitors to the country are quarantined and isolated. Some countries have to seek for foreign aids such as medical personnel and apparatus. We are praying for an end of the COVID-19 as soon as possible. Now we then realise the importance of health.

The overcoming of COVID-19 should emphasise scientific. The People Republic China (PRC) medical expert team has accumulated solid practical experiences in saving lives. They have managed to stop the widespread of COVID-19 in China. The PRC team has successful stories and they are willing to share their experiences and know-how. The PRC-invented vaccine is in the testing stage and under clinical experiments, just like how the scientists around the world are racing against time for a cure – we are expecting the vaccine would cure us from the dreadful coronavirus. In fact, the PRC has sent medical and laboratory team to Cambodia for the prevention of COVID-19. The Chinese experts also share their experiences in fighting against COVID-19 with the Cambodian doctors and nurses.

Survival and life-saving are the first priority. Asians must join hands together to secure a victory in the battle against COVID-19. Regardless of race, language or religion, we must defend and defeat the COVID-19 for mankind.

The author is a PhD candidate and a veteran policy commentator based in Hong Kong.

**The facts and views expressed are solely that of the author/authors and do not necessarily reflect that of the editorial board