Time to Reunite at Pulai Spring’s Qing Palace

Bask in the delectable course of prosperous dishes fit for an Emperor!

Toss the Yee Sang for prosperity

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, it is the perfect time to have your reunion dinner with either friends or family at the famed Pulai Springs Resort’s Qing Palace.

Being surrounded by lush greenery and majestic interiors, it would definitely make you feel like an Emperor, arriving to dine peacefully in a grand manner (at least that was what I thought when I stepped into Qing Palace).

Probably the best Pen Cai or Treasure Pot in town – sip a spoonful, and an abundance of luck will reign on you

For tradition and good luck, we tossed the Yee Sang first followed by the lauded ‘Treasure Pot/Pen Cai’ by MasterChef Lim, a long-time serving chef in the no-pork and alcohol-free restaurant. The clear, rich broth made up by auspicious layers of abalone, scallops, broccoli, mushroom, fish maw, chicken and so much more, befits its name as a treasure of auspicious food. Known better as ‘Pen Cai’, this is the dish that would stay on my mind for days for how deliciously clear yet flavourful it was.

Next, we were served with the ‘Steamed Garoupa fish in Hong Kong Style’, a classic must

Steamed Garoupa Fish – symbol of abundance and wealth

have especially during the Chinese New Year,because fish symbolises abundance and luck. Swimming in a pool of rich, thick soup, the fish meat was succulent and gone in no time, earning its badge of the ultimate favourite for everyone!

Personally, my favourite dish had to be the ‘Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice’ or locally known as the ‘Loh Mai Kai’ – I was pleased to fill my bowl to its maximum capacity – this frangrant rice bursting with flavours is the taste of Chinese New Year for me.

A personal favourite of mine – Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice

After all the party of flavours in my mouth, I was happy to try the sweet, cold dessert of ‘Honey Dew with Sago’ – a signature desert of Qing Palace. One mouthful and you are refreshed again, a perfect way to end the dining experience, the majestic way.

Looks like your family reunion dinner is sorted this year and Qing Palace offers the Chinese New Year Eve Special Set Menu at RM988+ per table of 6 person and RM1,4888+ per table of 10 persons, only on 21st of January 2023 and fixed for 2 sessions at 6pm and 8pm.

The Chinese New Year Set Menus that are available from 22nd January to 5th February 2023 are available in two different sets priced from RM788+ to RM1,388+, available for lunch and dinner.

There will also be lion dance performance at the hotel on 24th January 2023 at 10am.

For more details and booking, visit their official site or call Qing Palace, 017 733 8724.