Luminescence Goh Launches a New Press Campaign for ‘丝茜娜与游俠纪’

Chinese book combines imagination and magic to introduce ethical and social responsibility in today’s life

Book by Luminesnce Goh (image credit by Partridge Singapore site)

First published in 2012, “丝茜娜与游俠纪” (published by Partridge Singapore) from Luminescence Goh is a book that combines imagination and magic to introduce ethical and social responsibility in today’s life.

Kenny Bo Fan-ne and Sienna, from different worlds, are living on the modern earth and both have the heart of protecting the earth’s ecosystem. Kenny, aged 17, is an upright boy but over-confident in learning new things, whereas Sienna, aged 128, is a warm-hearted person but a headstrong woman. During the resistance to Sanafia’s plan and her allies’, Kenny and Sienna taste their failure due to their shortcoming.

“It is about ethical responses and love story,” Goh states. “Nowadays, the younger generation has lost touch with hierarchy and respect for different cultures and people. Due to digital and social media increases, many of us tend to refer to our mobile devices, yet forgot the beauty of the place of interest and surroundings. The blind, elderly or different races, we should care more.”

When asked what he wants readers to take away from the story, the author responds, “Hopefully everyone will have good ethic respect and equality on every races, culture, region, religion, weak, sick & poor and build a good harmony with one another in person. The cultural food, place of interest and music can be part of improving everyone’s points of view and find harmony in here.”


By Luminescence Goh

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 232 pages | ISBN 9781482897647

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 232 pages | ISBN 9781482897630

E-Book | 232 pages | ISBN 9781482897654

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About the Author

Luminescence Goh was born in 1974, in Singapore. As an Asian Chinese, he is trilingual in speech and writing, even though his family only speaks in the Hokkien dialect and Mandarin. Coming from simple family background, he completed his third year of study and joined the Singapore Navy in 1993. In 1999, his six-year contractual term with the Navy ended. Goh then assisted his father in the family furniture business for five years. During that time, Luminescence Goh travelled around Asia. He married in 2001 but his married life ended and divorced in 2011 with no children. In 2011, he started to write a Chinese novel and published his first book in 2012, Goh had an exciting and challenging experience in his life. He hoped to share some of his experiences to bring laughter, insights, and inspiration to people. The saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

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