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Saving Private Education: PEEAM to Table a Recovery Proposal to the Government

Over 67% of private education operators would be out of business in less than 3 months if they continue to remain shut

PEEAM Calling Private Education for a Post-MCO Discourse

Thoughts, concerns and suggestions from everyone in the private education sector are all welcome

New Norm in Schools upon Reopening

The Ministry of Education will provide constant guidance and support

Humanity causes: Serving as a Combat Medic

Former Marlborough College Malaysia pupil provides valuable assistance as a combat medic

Welcome to New World of Learning

Gather all your gadgets and apps at fingertips and your sanity too!

Growing Concerns on Smoking, Vape and Drugs

A call for shared responsibility with parents, teachers and school administration

English College Wins Maiden Title

Overcomes SSTMI in an all Johor affair

Developing Biotechnology in Johor Bahru: Sustainable Insect-Based Solutions

Joint Laboratory for Biotechnology Research and Industrial Application between IBD-UTM and Nutrition Technologies

10th Private & International School Fair in Johor Attracted Over 2000 People

Its 10th fair running, health measures were also in place

A Responsible Youth Today Makes a Responsible Leader Tomorrow

7th Johor Student Leaders Conference 2020 congregated over 1,000 students

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