Share the Delight this Chinese New Year at Trove Hotel

There is something on the table for every family member this reunion dinner at Trove!

Meatless Yee Sang using “vegetarian salmon” - also available for take out!

Making my way to Level 8 and reaching Lada & Clove Restaurant at the Trove Hotel for the Chinese New Year banquet felt refreshing and convenient as it took me right from the car park to the dining hall itself. Another plus point is the restaurant overlooks the good old Johor Bahru city centre; a sight that I almost forgot after being under lockdown for 2 years!

Seated and ready to ‘lou hei’ their Yee Sang, I was being told that the salmon they use is vegetarian! Eager to try one, that is the first thing I took and if I wasn’t informed earlier that it’s not actual fish, I could not have told the difference!

Steamed Tiger Garoupa Hong Kong Style

I then had a delicious bowl of Braised Dried Seafood, Scallops, Abalone and Crab Meat soup, followed by a huge portion of Steamed Tiger Garoupa Hong Kong Style fish that was beautifully sliced by the skilled staff. The tender fish complements the unique Deep-Fried Chicken with Rojak Sauce dish which turned out to be my second surprise of the day! The sweet and sour sauce with helpings of apples, water chestnut and cucumber together with crispy chicken tenders is a must-try in Trove.

Deep-Fried Chicken with Rojak Sauce

Cute packs of traditionally made Lotus Leaf Rice won my heart all around; the fragrant, glutinous rice is perfect for all family members to share with.

Cute lotus leaf rice that would delight both young and seniors

Dishes after dishes were served and Trove’s popular and highly-requested Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut, Honey and Lemon Slices is so perfect to conclude the wholesome banquet dining.

I wish you can taste this refreshing Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut, Honey and Lemon slices

The Prosperity set is priced at RM888nett and Longevity set is at RM1088nett per table for 8 persons respectively. Trove’s Fortune Yee Sang is available for take-out at only RM88nett, where everyone can enjoy meatless prosperity tossing.

Another must-try – Deep Fried Cereal Tiger Prawns

Reserve your table by contacting Janet at +6016 723 9003 or Subra at +6012 881 8413 or log onto for more information.